When a burglar is in your home

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It's unfortunate that in this day and age we still have people who steal from others. We leave our homes to go earn a dollar at work or go away on a holiday, and risk someone entering our private space and taking what they want. Taking money you work hard for, jewellery that is sentimental or electronics you use to unwind in your down time. We have all at one stage been a victim of crime or know someone that has. There were 225,900 burglaries in Australia last year, that's one every 3 minutes*.

When an offender is inside your home they don't waste time. The first place they check is the master bedroom. It is the most likely place for cash, jewellery, phones, credit cards, cameras and other valuables. The bathroom is usually checked for re-sellable prescription medication, and the kitchen and lounge room for electronic gadgets and any personal information that might potentially be used for identity theft.

The entire time your home is being burgled, the offender is usually looking for your car keys. Taking the car keys from inside the home is the most common method of stealing a motor vehicle since the introduction of mandatory immobilisers to vehicles. If the offender does find your keys, it is likely that more items will be stolen due the fact they can load the car up instead of being limited to what they can carry.

It's all over in under 5 minutes. In and out. Your home is then left unsecured until you arrive home. 

It became our intention to do something constructive to protect the everyday honest, hard working Australian from becoming a victim. We can't prevent a burglar from entering your home, but we can help you minimise the likelihood of certain valuables being stolen whilst they are there.

That's why we built the Chameleon Safes business. We want  to provide you with intuitive ways to hide your property. Our safes can be hidden in plain sight and the offender will overlook your valuables. Hide a soup safe in your kitchen pantry at the back behind other food. Place a drink safe at the back of the fridge amongst other drinks. Keep a shampoo safe in the shower, a body wash safe in the bathroom cupboard. Every day we are coming up with new ways to outsmart the crooks who cause so much anguish. Our goal is to eventually provide a variety of products so there will be a safe to blend into any room of the house, including the garage, caravan, vehicle or workplace.

We look forward to helping you protect your property.

Chameleon Safes - Hide your valuables in plain sight.


*Statistical information obtained from Budget Direct Home Insurance

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