About Us

We are an Australian owned and operated business, our warehouse and office are located in Perth, Western Australia.

We specialise specifically in burglary and theft protection products.

Our innovative Australian made covert storage solutions help to securely keep your money, jewellery and other belongings safe from thieves. They are designed to blend into their natural environment allowing you to protect your valuables by hiding them in plain sight.

Offenders breaking into your home / office / car /workshop / locker, will overlook your precious items. Outsmart the crooks with our simple but clever products.

We up-cycle drink cans and food tins by manufacturing the empties into covert storage safes.

We understand the concerns you have regarding a burglary in your home or the theft of your valuables. Our safes are an out-of-the-box solution intended to provide you with a sense of security an peace of mind. 

We provide our safes to a variety of customer groups. We aim to assist:

  • The everyday person who wants to hide valuables in their home.
  • Grey nomads going around Australia who stay in caravan parks.
  • Workers wanting to hide money or valuables from fellow employees.
  • House sharers who want to hide items from housemates. 
  • Kids hiding pocket money from their siblings. 
  • Pensioners who don't like to rely on banks to keep their money safe. 
  • Travellers on holiday staying in hotels or visiting public places. 
  • Beach goers who want to minimise risk of losing property while in the water. 

Some ideas of what you can store in your safe:

  • Money
  • Jewellery 
  • Identification 
  • House, car or gun safe keys
  • Family heirlooms 
  • Collectables 
  • Gold or silver coins or bullion. Other precious metals and gems
  • Chocolates and lollies stash
  • Anything else you want! 

For more information  please read our FAQ'S

We donate soups and meals to Australian food charities. Every safe you buy is a warm meal for an Aussie in need.

We also support other Australian businesses by ensuring we buy our supplies from within Australia. 

We have a commitment to the sustainability of our planet. We minimise waste by using the entire product and packaging. Our office and warehouse use nothing but 100% recycled paper.