1. How much is postage?

Postage is free to all Australian customers, no matter the size of your order.

2. Where do you import these safes from?

We do not import our safes, each one is handmade right here in Australia using as many Australian components as possible. 

3. What happens to the food or drink that was in my safe prior to assembly?

We donate the contents of all food tins and drink cans to various Australian food charities and families in need. Every food safe you buy is a warm meal for a hungry Australian. Nothing goes to waste, ever.

4. Do your safes weigh the same as the item it portrays?

No, there is no need to add weight to the item as they are designed to never get picked up by someone in the first place. An offender won't even look at it, never mind pick it up. 

 5. Will my valuables be safe from fluids or environmental factors?

Yes, all internal storage containers are air and water tight to ensure your valuables are kept safe.

6. How do you open the safes?

The drink cans are opened from the top, by twisting the lid off anti-clockwise. The food cans are opened the same way, but these are opened from the bottom instead of the top.

7. How much room is there inside the safes?

The drink cans have an internal capacity of 150ml. The food tins have an internal capacity of 300ml.

8. Can I order items that are out of stock?

Yes, if you are willing to wait for manufacture, we can accommodate any sized order.

9. Do you ship outside of Australia?

Not normally, we are focusing on Australian customers only at this stage. However, if you have an international enquiry, please contact us.